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Piano, Fortepiano, and more Piano!

Sunday, October 15

Beethoven's 5th Symphony on 2 pianos, and a reading of Kipling's How The Camel

Got Its Hump. A soirée in the Lyell Gustin tradition

Pay What You Can at the Door. Reserve seats:


The KW Guitar Orchestra concert mentioned in the article by Mariette Stephenson, had to be changed from 

December 3rd, to December 9th  It will still be at First United Church.


The photo on p.13 is not Ann-Marie MacDairmid:  it is Deb this photo Ann-Marie is on the left:


Our entire community is shocked and saddened by the sudden news about the 

KW Symphony. Here is a message from one organization:

An important message from the Grand Philharmonic Choir

We at the Grand Philharmonic Choir want to express our sadness, and our solidarity, for the musicians who are dealing with the bankruptcy of the former Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony, and cancellation of their upcoming season.

The choir's own 2023-24 season will continue as planned, starting with performances of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Requiem and John Estacio's The Houses Stand Not Far Apart on Saturday October 21st at Centre In The Square, accompanied by symphony orchestra.

To accompany the choir, we will be engaging the individual Musicians of the KWSymphony, following the practices set out by the Canadian Federation of Musicians.

For our audience members, this means that your experience will be the same as other Philharmonic Choir concerts in other years: a deeply moving evening with some of the most beautiful music ever written.

Thank you for supporting the Grand Philharmonic Choir and the Musicians of the KWSymphony. We need music now, more than ever.