A Family Event for Learning About and Exploring the Pipe Organ


The Royal Canadian College of Organists Waterloo-Wellington Centre (RCCOWW) is hosting a family friendly event aimed at children aged 6 to 12. 'Video Game Music for Organ' is a chance to learn about the pipe organ through demonstrations, hands-on activities, and a mini concert featuring video game music. In addition to presentations and performances from our RCCOWW members, we are delighted to welcome special guest Grace Scheele, a harpist, improviser, and composer of video game music.


The event is April 22nd from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm at Wesley United Church (6 Cambridge St, Cambridge), right next to the Cambridge Farmer's Market. Folks are welcome to drop in as works for them.



Activities include:


·       OrgelKIDS: building a mini pipe organ [think IKEA organ]

·       Playing the mini organ

·       Big pipe organ demonstration

·       Playing the big pipe organ

·       Harp demonstration

·       Playing the harp

·       Improvisation demonstration (highlighting how both digital improvisation and organ registration use

·       different tones, timbres, octaves, etc to create captivating music)

·       Group improvisation using digital sounds and organ samples

·       Quiet activity stations (colouring, puzzle, etc)

·       A mini concert featuring video game music



We are delighted that this event is neurodivergent/special needs friendly. Our board includes Amy DiNino, a music therapist and registered psychotherapist, and Corey Linforth, a musician with autism and ADHD who is raising and homeschooling a slew of neurodivergent children. Amy and Corey provided consultation on making 'Video Game Music for Organ' more accessible to people whose brains work differently.


Accommodations for this event include:


·       a quiet room for sensory respite

·       a room for kids who need to express big, loud emotions

·       RCCOWW members and volunteers familiar with providing support to neurodivergent/special needs kids

·       fidget toys

·       sensory toys

·       fidget/sensory seats



With this event, we want to this extraordinary instrument to the next generation and connect with our

community by providing an enriching experience. Our overarching goals are to facilitate and support organ music in the Waterloo-Wellington community, to foster accessibility and safety for marginalized people, and to support the next generation of organists. In addition to events like this, RCCOWW offers a variety of scholarships and performance opportunities for young organists.



Corey Linforth, RCCOWW Executive Board Member •  519-569-9562




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